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High Performance Techniques

High Performance


First and foremost, a PebbleTemplate object, once compiled, is completely thread safe. As long as the data backing the template is also thread safe, you can render that single template instance using multiple threads at once.

The actual rendering of a template will typically occur in a sequential manner, from top to bottom. If, however, you provide an ExecutorService to the PebbleEngine and make use of the parallel tag, you can have multiple threads render different sections of your template at one time. This is especially useful if one section of your template is costly and will otherwise block the rendering of the rest of the template.


The use of the flush tag can be used to stream the rendered output as it's being rendered. This can significantly improve latency.

Performance Pitfalls

  • It is typically okay for a block to use the flush tag unless the contents of that block is being rendered using the block function. Typically the flush tag will flush to the Writer that you provided but the block function internally uses it's own StringWriter and therefore flushing will do no good.